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This Was A Cautionary Tale

A Boombox Is Not A Toy

I Am Slowly Going Crazy 1-2-3-4-5-6 Switch....
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  • heytherenatalie@livejournal.com
What they are saying about heytherenatalie:

sunkistfriend: "Natalie is one of those people that you can ask anything from, do anything with, and she will enjoy and love you no less than before."

laundertoe: "Natalie is a bonafide zombie expert! :D"

j_u_d_a_s: "TITS!"

kickthehobbit: "heytherenatalie is awesome, even if she does still owe me money from that one wild night in Tijuana. I don't strip for free!"

emilytheslayer: "Natalie makes everybody else's journal look boring. Give up your life and follow hers instead."